Benefits of Herbs and Spices for Health

Herbs and Spices have been used for centuries to add flavor, taste, aroma and color to food. They are essential part of many cuisines. Spices are aromatic flavorful substances obtained from various parts of plants such as seeds bark, roots, fruits and leaves. There are various health benefits of herbs and spices due the presence of some important active compounds and nutrients

there are some properties of spices and herbs which makes it essential part of diet. spices are rich in antioxidant, helps prevent oxidative stress, protect from various diseases like cancer and heart problem.

some spices like turmeric, ginger and garlic  have anti-inflammatory properties which reduces inflammation.

Some spices like peppermint, fennel and ginger improve digestion, reduce gas and bloating

Saffron and certain herbs have mood enhancing properties also, help reduces stress and anxiety have calming effect

Some of them shows antimicrobial effect like thyme, oregano and basil fight off harmful bacteria and pathogens

Cinnamon shows blood sugar lowering effect improve insulin sensitivity

Garlic cayenne pepper fenugreek helps to lower cholesterol


It has active compound curcumin which is very beneficial in nutrition point of view. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, good antioxidant protects from chronic diseases, improve brain function reduce risk of neuro degenerative diseases.


It is also very useful for health as its active compound cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic acid  helps to regulate blood sugar reduce the risk of heart disease


A Common ingredient found almost every kitchen it active compound gingerol has anti inflammatory properties aid in digestion alleviate nausea reduce muscle pain and soreness.


Allicin an active compound in garlic show cardiovascular benefits lower blood pressure and cholesterol support immune system

Black pepper

Piperine is an powerful antioxidant improve digestion, piperine may enhance absorption of curcumin in turmeric


carvacrol and thymol are active compounds shows anti-oxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties improve digestion also

Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper can boost metabolism and helps in weight management reduce appetite active compound capsaicin provide pain relief.


Active compound eugenol Aid in digestion, support cardiovascular health has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties


Thymol and carvacrol are active compound of thyme ,responsible for its nutritional values as it has antimicrobial anti inflammatory properties good for respiratory health

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